Winter Weddings Are Wonderful


The summer months are the most popular time for weddings by a country mile, but the winter months have plenty to offer couples seeking an extra special day.  Here’s my top reasons for choosing a winter wedding.

Wedding Costs

Let’s get right to the point. Weddings are a big investment with most couples having to work within a budget. A lot of venues and suppliers offer discounted rates during the winter months (we do too!) which helps to make your cash go further and with much less competition for dates you’ll have more availability to choose from.

Wedding Weather  

After managing the budget, the next thing on many brides’ minds is of course the weather.   We all know what it can be like during winter in the north east of Scotland. We can safely say it’s going to be cold, so choosing somewhere warm – where your guests are comfortable will be a top priority.  Underfloor heating – check. Wood burning stove – check, at our Barn it’s always cosy!

It’s Different!

Brides love to stand out from the crowd and create a great day to remember. Choosing a winter date is a great way to be original. In fact, anyone adventurous enough to go for a Christmas wedding?

Dress It Up!

Whether you are a diva, a glamour puss or prefer a more demure style, winter allows you to go all out. Sumptuous fabrics like velvet, cashmere and faux fur come in to their own and you can go layer-tastic with beautiful coats, fairytale capes, muffs or gloves. Seriously stylish.


It’s cold outside, but cosy inside. The landscape is probably white with hoar frost or snow. It gets dark early creating the perfect backdrop for your fairy lights and candles. Your opulent, rich colour scheme is making everyone feel like they are in the middle of a great big hug. C’mon admit it, there’s nothing more romantic than a winter wedding.     

Comfort Food

Everyone has a soft spot for comfort food and it is the perfect choice during winter. From trendy retro canapes to delicious roast dinners our clever catering suppliers will create a menu that has everyone raving for all the right reasons – delicious flavours, local produce and heart-warming sentiments.

Guest List

Finally, make sure your venue can accommodate the number of people you plan to invite, not the number you anticipate accepting. In the winter months you’re much more likely to receive more acceptances as people are less likely to be double-booked. And of course – with your wedding as THE event of the season – all your family and friends are going to want to be there.

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