Dreams & Schemes

This has definitely been my favourite part of the planning process. Bringing my Pinterest vision to life while trying to keep within a budget seemed impossible. However, by shopping around and enlisting the help of people I know, our dream big day is becoming a reality. The fantastic thing about the Barn @ Barra is that it is a blank canvas to completely make it your own.

First of all, we had to decide on a theme and colour scheme which was relatively straightforward. Deciding on a theme meant that it focused our choices for décor and ensured that it reflected us and our vision. We wanted to be in keeping with the theme of the venue, but keep it quite minimal as we felt the venue speaks for itself. The lantern lighting and beams are so beautiful that we wanted to make sure that they still stood out.


Something Old, Something New

With our theme in mind, we started shopping around for items we could use to decorate. We got most things through buying second hand, scouring marketplaces and browsing budget shops. We had a budget we wanted to stick to and have managed to do that – shop around and bid low; I’m genuinely amazed at what we have managed to acquire by just spending a bit of time shopping around.

I am a bit of an organisation freak so have tried to make life as easy as possible when it comes nearer to the wedding by putting in the effort to get organised now. As we have purchased items, I have been boxing them into categories of where they will be needed on the day – for example centrepieces, ceremony, guest book table, top table etc. We are hoping this will make it easier during set up the day before the wedding.

Something Borrowed

There were some items that were too pricey to purchase so we looked into the possibility of hiring them. We have chosen to hire giant light up letters and a gorgeous pair of trees from Claire Scott at Illumin8.Illumin8 She is a well-established supplier in the area with great reviews, and these items will really add a wow factor to the venue.

I met Amy McKenzie from Cymbeline Events at a local wedding exhibition, we have lots of friends in common and got chatting instantly. She was so helpful and her stand was set up in décor exactly as we would want at the wedding.

Amy was on the same page with my vision and just seemed to get what I was looking for straight away. We met for a consultation and she was able to provide the missing pieces of the puzzle when it came to our dream wedding.


Amy put me in touch with Claire from Shrimp Cracker Studio, who is also amazingly talented, to do all of the artwork for the day. Both were very reasonable, meaning we could achieve the look we wanted within our budget.


The Silver Sixpence

Amy also offers an on the day wedding coordination package called ‘The Silver Sixpence’. I hadn’t even considered this because I was pretty sure that with the help of friends we could set up and decorate the day before. However, I didn’t think about who would make sure the whole day would run smoothly. After meeting Amy and having a look through some of the amazing events she had done, I knew she was the one for the job!

The great thing about the Barn @ Barra is that you are given complete freedom to have on board whoever you choose. When you are busy getting ready on your wedding day, you don’t want to be worrying about getting the venue organised, sorting out music or making sure suppliers turn up on time, so it’s really important to have someone help to ensure that everything comes together.


Blooming Gorgeous

Flowers are hugely important to me. I absolutely adore them and want the main focus of the décor to be around flowers, I was lucky enough to have the best Saturday job when I was at school. I worked at a local florist and my boss there became a lifelong friend.Wedding Flowers As soon as Tim and I were engaged, I wanted to ask her to be involved in the flowers for the big day.

Linda does not work exclusively as a florist these days, however, she was still delighted to lend a helping hand. Her skills and knowledge are second to none. I have the added bonus that she knows me so well and understands my taste so was able to give me loads of inspiration. After chatting over a very long lunch, she had a great idea of what we could do and I have no doubt it is going to look beautiful. I don’t want to give too much away but I think the choices we have made will come together to make it a magical day.

Next month, we will discuss bands, bagpipes and all things entertainment.


With love,


The Future Mrs Jones x


Top Tips:

  •  Set a budget and find a theme that suits you and the venue.
  •  Shop around for bargains – you will be amazed at what you can pick up if you are willing to spend time doing your research.
  •  Create a board on Pinterest. It's so easy to show suppliers and give them a good idea of what you are looking for.


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